Mighty Maids is a BBB accredited business
Trained, professional house cleaners in Washington.
You'll love coming home to a clean house
About Us and Our Mission:

Mighty Maids is dedicated to serving your family
with a reliable, quality house cleaning service. To
strive toward excellence by providing great
customer service, a well trained staff and the
best in cleaning supplies and equipment.
D-M Industries Inc. dba: Mighty Maids - Owner: Penny Linde

Mighty Maids founders: Dawn Lauterbach, Marjorie Linde & Roger Linde
Dawn was a busy working mother of two, Margie had an empty nest. She had just
finished raising the 6 kids, 2 of them being her newest since she married Roger. They
were looking to live the American Dream. They would start the business running out of
Dawn's home which would cut starting costs and give her the flexibility to raise her

Mighty Maids opened for business on May 1, 1987.
Being Mother and Daughter, Dawn was oldest of six, they were quick to learn which
tasks each would accomplish most efficiently and Roger would do the books. This
worked well for years. While they have since passed, their dream and vision has been
kept alive through the continued efforts of the family and many experienced

Since house cleaning is in our blood, we are now joined by Margie's 4th child and
Granddaughter. Caren Sullivan, General Manager since 2003. Jessica Amundson since
2007 has recently been promoted to operations manager. We currently have 3 house
cleaners that have been with Mighty Maids over 11 years.

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Free cleanings for women
undergoing treatment.